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Lung Cancer Screening

LungHealth UK - About lung cancer

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Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men and third most common cancer in women resulting in over 35,000 deaths per year in the UK. The majority of people with the early stages of lung cancer have no apparent symptoms but the prognosis can be significantly improved by early detection of the disease. Early detection gives a higher likelihood of a good outcome from appropriate treatment.

LungHealth UK offer LungCheck, a lung cancer early detection programme offering state of the art lung cancer screening via a simple, at home finger prick blood test.

Our early detection programme, LungCheck consists of:

  1. Comprehensive factual information about lung cancer which can be found on this website
  2. A lung cancer risk assessment based on lifestyle and symptoms
  3. A unique blood test to detect the risk of lung cancer which is more accurate than CT scanning alone
  4. LungCheck is only available to current and past heavy smokers*

Please be aware that if your LungCheck - EarlyCDT® result is abnormal, you may need to self fund a CT scan as part of your follow up, as many GPs will not necessarily understand the implications of this test.

Please call us on 0800 085 0228 if you have any questions about this.

Why choose LungHealth UK?

LungHealth UK can offer:

  • Early detection of lung cancer, possibly before any symptoms arise
  • A new and unique blood test, which is more accurate than CT scanning and seven times more likely to correctly identify lung cancer
  • Private cancer screening at nationwide clinics with no long waiting times for appointments
  • The provision of services without a GP referral so you can arrange an appointment when it is convenient to you
  • Guidance on follow-up treatment or referral to leading local consultants or your GP
  • Occupational health lung cancer screening programmes to enable employers to implement early detection schemes for their employees
  • Privacy and confidentiality is ensured throughout the process and LungHealth UK is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Our early detection lung cancer screening service provides peace of mind, ensuring any problems are picked up early and highlighting any opportunities for treatment. On this site you will find more information on lung cancer, the causes, as well as further information on LungCheck.

If you would like to discuss your requirements further or arrange an appointment, please contact us.

* - Heavy smoking is defined as having a smoking history of at least 20 pack-years. A pack year is defined as twenty cigarettes (1 pack) smoked every day for one year, or 40 cigarettes (2 packs) smoked every day for half a year and so on.

If you want fast, accurate screening for lung cancer

Do you want lung cancer screening using our at-home testing kit?

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